Monday, April 16, 2012

And I almost forgot...

My family also had the opportunity to visit our school and meet Teacher Angela and our principal, Joaquín. It was so special for my parents to meet them both and get a better understanding of my life and my work here in San José de la Rinconada. :)

Joaquín took my parents and I out for breakfast in San José. We ate delicious tostada and had coffee while he told us all about Semana Santa and important Spanish traditions. It was great!

We met Angela and her family in the center of Sevilla and enjoyed a drink on a beautiful sunny day by the river.

My travel adventures!

My family was here for a week and we traveled all around Andalucia, and to Tangier, Morocco! It was amazing!

Here we are at the mirador in Granada!

My dad, Emoney and I at the Alhambra, Granada. What beautiful Moorish architecture!

The bullfighting museum at the arena in Ronda. How interesting! In the U.S. we don't have bullfighting, so my family
was very interested in this!

Then, we went to Tarifa to see where the Atlantic Ocean meet the Mediterranean sea. Such beautiful beaches!


Here we are on the African side, looking across the sea to Spain!

At the market with beautiful fresh olives!

Here we are eating at a traditional Moroccan restaurant. Look at my dad's silly hat!

Here is my brother entering the Medina, or the marketplace. The streets were so narrow and vendors were calling out at us to buy many of their Moroccan treasures.

An old man we ran into in the streets. Amazing.

Here is a woman washing her clothes in a small plaza.

We had such an incredible time together. I was so sad to say goodbye to my family, but they told me that their trip to Spain was the best they had ever had. I'll never forget it.